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:::Use of this picture alone is also very bad, sensationalist journalism. If any kind of image dealing with hatred towards migrants and incitement to violence against them is considered newsworthy enough in a responsible news outlet to be the only image in an article on migration, it would be something like a picture of a burning refugee reception center or its wounded or fearful inhabitants, for example, not a random slogan on a random wall.
:::This slogan and its image here very clearly constitutes incitement to crime and constitutes very real danger if publicly visible even if it may educate some people and thereby do good. It constitutes real danger and is therefore probably illegal in most countries (at least in its current form as a lone illustration and presented without any kind of background information, simply as public incitement to violence). --[[Gebruiker:Espoo|Espoo]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Espoo|overleg]]) 17 sep 2019 10:57 (CEST)
::::You've got a complete wrong interpretation of this matter. The image was accompanied with a very good explanation, of which the visitor can learn. Someone must be a complet idiot when he would be incited by this image+explanation to enlight a CIE. The only reason that I removed the image now, is because I don't want this discussion. But, actually, to stick to principles, I should have kept it there. Please go back to your own language. [[Gebruiker:Ymnes|Ymnes]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Ymnes|overleg]]) 17 sep 2019 18:07 (CEST)