I am participating on this site to update the weather page, using the open source WeatherChecker application.

We haven't had much luck getting the interwiki links to accept templates across the different Wikinews sites, and image caching defeats the "current" and "previous" naming scheme that we were using to avoid having to update the weather links template every day.

I apologize if my English comments appear to be an intrusion on your Dutch language site, but I promise to keep them to a minimum.

In that spirit, if anyone can provide a Dutch translation of the phrase: "Update weather map links for 29Jan05 at 10:00 UTC" I will use that translation in my future comments, and in any comments that are generated once we are able to automatically update the links template.


DV 29 jan 2005 07:39 (UTC)

Regional weather mapsBewerken

The weather report now has links to regional maps for Australia and Europe, with an expanded selection of cities. There are over 100 cities in all. — DV 4 feb 2005 18:55 (UTC)

Looks great can you squeeze in Brussels on the Europe map?
Are ther plans for an Asia and South America map?
Waerth 6 feb 2005 10:09 (UTC)