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Answer David Vaquez
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(Answer David Vaquez)
:Also, Paramaribo isn't in the list of stations for the South American country of Suriname. However, I found a weather reporting station in Suriname, hosted by Johan A. Pengel, at 5°27' North by 55°11' West. Unfortunately, the [[w:Paramaribo|Wikipedia article on Paramaribo]] does not contain the longitude and latitude of that city, so I can check if that station is close enough to be named for the capital. Do you have access to a reference which contains the coordinates of Paramaribo? — [[Gebruiker:David Vasquez|DV]] 30 jan 2005 01:59 (UTC)
::Johan A. Pengel is another name for the airport about 50 km south of Paramaribo (I used to live in Paramaribo once) As Brussels versus Amsterdam .... you make the choice as there is a lot of animosity and some Belgiums have been saying nl. is to Netherlands centric. [[Gebruiker:Waerth|Waerth]] 30 jan 2005 02:04 (UTC)