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City selections for Weather report.
(About the Weather report.)
(City selections for Weather report.)
— [[Gebruiker:David Vasquez|DV]] 29 jan 2005 22:36 (UTC)
:Waerth, to follow up on your city selections for the Weather report - in case they overlap too much, do you have a preference between Amsterdam or Brussels?
:Also, Paramaribo isn't in the list of stations for the South American country of Suriname. However, I found a weather reporting station in Suriname, hosted by Johan A. Pengel, at 5°27' North by 55°11' West. Unfortunately, the [[w:Paramaribo|Wikipedia article on Paramaribo]] does not contain the longitude and latitude of that city, so I can check if that station is close enough to be named for the capital. Do you have access to a reference which contains the coordinates of Paramaribo? — [[Gebruiker:David Vasquez|DV]] 30 jan 2005 01:59 (UTC)