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I have removed the English duplicate mesage about the Invitation to participate in the Draft UCoC conversation
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(I have removed the English duplicate mesage about the Invitation to participate in the Draft UCoC conversation)
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== Invitation to participate in the conversation ==
<div class="plainlinks mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr">
''{{int:Hello}}. Apologies for cross-posting, and that you may not be reading this message in your native language: translations of the following announcement may be available on '''[[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Draft review/Invitation (long version)|Meta]]'''. {{int:please-translate}}. {{Int:Feedback-thanks-title}}''
We are excited to share '''[[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Draft review|a draft of the Universal Code of Conduct]]''', which the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees called for earlier this year, for your review and feedback. The discussion will be open until October 6, 2020.
The UCoC Drafting Committee wants to learn which parts of the draft would present challenges for you or your work. What is missing from this draft? What do you like, and what could be improved?
Please join the conversation and share this invitation with others who may be interested to join, too.
To reduce language barriers during the process, you are welcomed to translate this message and the [[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/Draft review|Universal Code of Conduct/Draft review]]. You and your community may choose to provide your opinions/feedback using your local languages.
To learn more about the UCoC project, see the [[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct|Universal Code of Conduct]] page, and the [[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Universal Code of Conduct/FAQ|FAQ]], on Meta.
Thanks in advance for your attention and contributions, [[:m:Talk:Trust_and_Safety|The Trust and Safety team at Wikimedia Foundation]], 10 sep 2020 19:55 (CEST) </div>
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